Anitta Helena Corton is a Certified Magnetic Mind Coach, Mindvalley Life Coach, Reiki Master and Intuitive as well as Certified in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFTCert1) by founder Gary Craig with a BA Psychology from Carleton University, Canada.

Embarking in the world of energy therapies in 2004 also led her to achieve running a private Energy Therapies Practice as well as an Online SEO / Marketing Business for Chiropractors and Small Businesses for over 10 years while raising two children.

She has a passion for helping Entrepreneurs to overcome resistance to taking action and to clear self doubt to earn what they’re worth!  She has studied a multitude of modalities and worked with prominent high level coaches.

Bringing her empathy and sensitivity to coaching sessions allows her clients to achieve long lasting rapid results.

Anitta is sensitive to energy using Kinesiology (muscle testing) through Zoom sessions for clients.  

She lives in Toronto Canada and has also lived in London UK, Spain, West Africa, Australia and France. She has a passion for Martial Arts (Aikido, Hapkido, Judo), Qi Gong and CrossFit.

Transformational Coach in Toronto