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Tap into and change subconscious beliefs keeping you stuck in limiting comfort zones to fullfill your true potential and achieve your dreams.

“When challenges are often repeating themselves, changing your mindset and clearing the energy of past hurt can finally close the cycle.”

Welcome, I’m Anitta!

BA Psych, Reiki Master, Mindvalley Certified Life Coach, Magnetic Mind Coach 

Clients are helped from being stuck in overwhelm and stress to overcome their fears and frustrations to create a life they’re truly excited about.

I’m a Certified Life Coach and healer who has gained confidence and business success through consistent progress and mindset shifts.

Join my 90 Day Program complete with accountability plans, mindset shifts, emotional balance and clearing of fears and frustrations.

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I’m Here to Help You With…

Find Clarity and Purpose
Emotional Balance
Mastering Mindset for Life's Challenges
Accountability on Weekly Basis

Kind Words From My Clients

“I have done years of Holographic Repatterning and EFT/Tapping and more. So I had worked on a lot of what my CONSCIOUS mind was aware of. But the Superconscious?.. And the idea of just naming or deciding what you DO want and programming your mind for that is amazing and what has been missing. If you are thinking about sessions with Anitta do not hesitate. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. In a perfect world they would have someone like Anitta in every school and there would be happy kids full of love and forgiveness.”

Kay F.

“I would highly recommend Anitta, she is up there with the best of the best. She took me from being an anxious worrier to a life of ease and joy where I can methodically do what I need to do, to get what I want both in my personal life and in my business.”

Celia O’Grady

“Thanks to Anitta’s coaching sessions, I was able to comfortably pull off a big presentation I was very nervous about! She gently helped me resolve any unconscious blocks that were in the way of creating a powerful experience! I love her style and her ability to connect on a deep human level.” Thank you for sharing your gifts, Anitta!

Beth Kendall, Sleep Coach

“I have recently been coached by Anitta. Her presence and her gifts of being able to access my higher self through the recoding process has been incredibly valuable to me. I feel so aligned to my intentions and clear of the resistance that I always thought I would have to work with rather than heal from. Thank you Anitta so grateful for the healing and the teachings.”

Jason Snaddon, The Abundance Activator

“I can tell you this, Anitta REALLY KNOWS what she’s doing! She ‘sensed’ a few things w/ Me that not too many others would know about Me, Family history, especially. It seems as if she’s Telepathic, or, at the very least, very sensitive to the vibrations of others. As the session began to wind down, I couldn’t believe how Extraordinary I felt. Anitta requested I create a list of things to take ACTION on. When the session was complete, I began creating the ACTION List the first chance I was able to. The following day, I began following through on the list. The words just FLOWED from My fingertips to the computer. If ANYONE is either ‘Standing on the Fence’ or wondering if it’s ‘Worth it’ to order a 1 on 1 w/ Anitta, I will tell you now, I had a SPECTACULAR Experience and I Highly Recommend Her!””

Christopher Z. (Florida)

My Approach & Philosophy

If you feel stuck to go to the next level in life and business, you may not know what is stopping you.

You can feel discouraged, disappointed and frustrated.

I work with clients through a two-part process, first on a conscious level to find clarity of the situation. When looking at what a client wants compared to where they are now creates a tension structure which is the area of resistance that is worked on for the second half of each session, along with weekly accountability forms.

For the second part of the process, the client and I delve into what in particular makes up this tension structure, such as, what are the emotions or patterns that created it, is there judgement from self or others in the way, is the client aligned with the outcome or is there something from the past or even past life holding them back? I work with trapped or repressed emotions, negative thought patterns and fears.

I utilize a process called the Rapid Recode, kinesiology (muscle testing) and intuition to clear the blocks and resistance allowing clients to take action and fulfill their true potential.

Through the process, clients take on a new found freedom in themselves to be who they truly are, find emotional balance and their life shifts naturally to more joy and happiness.


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