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Breaking Limits

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We have the ability to retrain the brain to Recode itself through Superconscious Rapid Recode Sessions and let go of limitations!

There is no reason to hold on to the past.

Everything is Energy as energetic frequencies can rapidly transform your life!


Hi there, I’m Anitta


It’s time for you to ditch your limiting beliefs of feeling unworthy, incapable, or being stuck in self-sabotage!  Overcome your fears easily and fast so you can take action, expand your business and fulfill your dreams!

Recode Coaching allows you to clear old wounds, traumas, limiting beliefs and trapped emotions you didn’t know were there.

Hi, I’m Anitta and I’m passionate about understanding the Quantum Field of Energy and how the power of energy shifts can have immediate and lasting results

Leading to Massive Growth in All Areas of Your Life!

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Anitta is a Certified Magnetic Mind Coach, Reiki Master, EFT Certified (Gary Craig), Intuitive, Energy Therapist, Sound Healer and a part of the first in the world to offer this amazing SUPER CONSCIOUS work…

Over 16 years of study has lead her to this fast and powerful method that is changing thousands of lives.

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